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Important Notice: The health and wellness of our clients, staff and community is of utmost importance. Therefore, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face services at Behavioral Health Associates of Broward, Counseling Centers of Goodman JFS are postponed until further notice. However, our staff is working remotely and are accessible by phone and email. We are excited to announce that we will be launching Telemental Health Services soon. Please email or call 954-909-0888 for the latest information, to schedule an appointment or to reach your clinician.

Psychological Testing

If you make the brave choice to start getting the mental health treatment you need and deserve, the first step in your journey is often psychological testing. While the term itself may seem intimidating, the process is not as frightening as it may seem. With compassionate professionals on your side, psychological testing can be an important part of healing.

What is Psychological Testing?

“Psychological testing” describes standardized, evidence-based methods for evaluating a person’s mental, behavioral, or cognitive health. BHAB’s counselors can use tools such as written tests, clinical interviews, and observations to complete assessments.

BHAB uses psychological testing to:

  • Get a picture of your well-being when you first visit BHAB
  • Test for specific mental and emotional disorders
  • Monitor your progress
  • Make treatment plans according to the results
  • Determine if you or a loved one is well enough to stand trial
  • Place students in the correct academic setting
  • Diagnose developmental delays

Our team at Behavioral Health Associates of Broward will perform tests needed to gain an understanding of you or your loved one’s situation. The results will help us to put together a plan of action.

Four Categories of Psychological Tests

Four Categories of Psychological Tests

There are many types of psychological tests available today. While each provides unique perspectives on a person, professionals categorize these assessments into four types.


Clinical Interview

When you or your loved one come to BHAB, you will meet with a compassionate, knowledgeable professional. The first time you see your counselor, he or she may conduct what’s known as a clinical interview. During this time, the BHAB counselor will ask specific questions that help them determine what kind of help you may need moving forward.

Assessment of Intellectual Function

These assessments may include several types of tests, all of which help clinicians understand yours or your loved one’s intellectual abilities. For example, you or your loved one may be asked to take a written test and perform a few specific tasks. These assessments help our team understand your or you loved one’s unique intellectual abilities. BHAB can also use these assessments to determine the intellectual effects of a brain injury in you or a loved one.


Personality Assessment

Personalities are multi-faceted, so it often takes several types of tests to understand who you are. These assessments help determine if you or a loved one has a personality disorder and how you or a loved one may respond to certain treatments.


Behavioral Assessment

When you or a loved one comes to BHAB for behavioral assessments, our clinicians may ask you or your loved one to perform several tasks. These tasks vary on your or your loved one’s age and abilities. For example, our counselors may watch your child play with specific toys during the assessment.


As you or your loved one carry out the tasks, the specially trained BHAB professionals look for patterns that can provide insight into behavior. We can use what we learn in these assessments to diagnose behavioral disorders and make a personalized plan to change unwanted behaviors.


Specific Psychological Tests

If you or your loved one needs psychological testing, you can trust BHAB to help. Our knowledgeable and caring professionals can conduct any of the following types of tests for you or your loved ones:

Gifted Placement

BHAB tests can help identify not only if you child is gifted, but also in which way. Researchers recognize that gifted learners come in five categories: intellectual, creative, artistic, leadership, and academic. With this insight, you can make the decisions that are right for your special student.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

If you or a loved one is struggling in school or at work, you may suspect ADHD. While it’s most commonly seen in children, adults can live with ADHD as well. Getting a proper diagnosis is the first important step to getting help. In ADHD testing, your BHAB professional will ask about your medical history, symptoms that make you suspect ADHD, and how long the issue has been going on.


Specific Learning Disabilities and Developmental Delays

At BHAB, we take care of your family’s needs when we test for learning disabilities and developmental delays. Depending on your unique situation, our professionals watch your child complete tasks and/or ask you about the symptoms you notice. We can then make a proper diagnosis, answer all of your questions, and help you make a plan.


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Assessments for autism spectrum disorder include several tests in which our counselors observe you or your loved one and ask questions about the possible symptoms. BHAB can walk you through each step with compassion and help you make a treatment plan regardless of the diagnosis.


Behavioral and Emotional Challenges

If you don’t have a specific test in mind, that’s OK. You may just know that you or your loved one needs help overcoming behavioral or emotional troubles. You can talk to BHAB professionals about your unique concerns. We can then make recommendations for tests that can help you and your loved one.

The Importance of Psychological Testing

The idea of psychological testing can make many people uncomfortable, understandably. It’s important to remember that there is no passing or failing these tests and assessments. Furthermore, the results of the tests do not affect who you are. For example, someone on the autism spectrum has the same symptoms, whether they undergo psychological assessments or not.

Psychological Testing in Broward County

If you or a loved one need psychological testing for any reason, you can count on BHAB. Our experienced and compassionate professionals can make the process as painless as possible. Our two convenient locations in Broward County can help you get started on your journey to mental wellness.

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