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Important Notice: The health and wellness of our clients, staff and community is of utmost importance. Therefore, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face services at Behavioral Health Associates of Broward, Counseling Centers of Goodman JFS are postponed until further notice. However, our staff is working remotely and are accessible by phone and email. We are excited to announce that we will be launching Telemental Health Services soon. Please email or call 954-909-0888 for the latest information, to schedule an appointment or to reach your clinician.

Marriage & Family Counseling

Whether you are a sibling, parent, partner, husband, or wife, maintaining a relationship can be difficult – especially when you factor in different communication styles, needs, and beliefs. In marriage and family therapy, our treatment protocol focuses teaching our clients the tools they need to help improve the long-term well-being of their families.

Who needs Marriage & Family Counseling?

Counseling can sometimes carry a stigma. Because of that, many clients will delay seeking help until they are experiencing tension, negativity, or animosity in their relationship(s). However, everyone can benefit from the communication skills and personal insight afforded to them by a licensed counselor- whether you are trying to navigate a conflict or simply looking to improve your bond with a family member(s) or partner.

It’s time to take care of yourself

It’s time to take care of yourself

Here’s a secret: everyone has relationship difficulties at some point. If you’re having a difficult time in a relationship, marriage or family counseling can help you rebuild your connections with those around you and regain control of your life.

The clinicians at Behavioral Health Associates of Broward specialize in offering support and coping strategies in a safe and confidential environment to individuals, couples, and families. Whether you are dealing with loss, grief, anger, abuse, or violence, our team is ready to offer you the guidance and support you need.

Regardless of the issues you may be facing in your personal relationship(s), we can help you find your way back to happiness and reconnect with the people you love.

Signs that you or someone you love may need Counseling

Seeing our behavior accurately is challenging for everyone. Gathering the courage to face your own shortfalls, or compassionately communicate to a loved one a behavior or habit that is hurtful or unhealthy can seem impossible, but it’s the first step toward moving forward in your relationships.

If you or someone you know is engaging any of the following behaviors, it may be time to seek help:

  • Substance abuse begins, continues, or worsens
  • Engaging in self-harm or thoughts of suicide
  • Violence or abusive behavior towards others
  • Anger, depression, or lack of motivation
  • Inability to communicate without lashing out

Together you, your loved one(s), and your therapist will identify goals and the milestones needed to reach them. The goals you set with your licensed counselor will help pave the way toward more open and positive relationships. You can achieve positive relationships with the caring health professionals at Behavioral Health Associates of Broward on your side.

Additionally, therapeutic counseling doesn’t have to be reactive. It can be proactive. If you know a stressful life event (marriage, new career, a loved one’s terminal illness) waits ahead, schedule counseling now to sail smoothly past the potential obstacles.

Reasons for Relationship Counseling

Reasons for Relationship Counseling

Unfortunately, individual behaviors can cause the bonds we form with others to break apart. There are a variety of behaviors or actions that can contribute to a negative evolution of a relationship, including:

  • Infidelity
  • Merging families from previous marriages
  • Raising children
  • Financial complications
  • Facing physical or mental illness
  • Dealing with addiction or substance abuse
  • Suffering from loss or bereavement

Who Should Attend Marriage & Family Counseling with you?

Marriage and family counseling works best if everyone in the relationship is involved.
The professionals at Behavioral Health Associates of Broward work with each person connected to the relationship, including spouses and family members. A fractured relationship can’t be mended unless all stakeholders are included in the treatment. Everyone affected by the conflict must be part of the process, or healing cannot begin.

We recommend treating the entire family even if only one member seeks treatment because what affects one person affects those around him or her. No one person is an island, and ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away. That’s especially true in marriages and families. By working through challenges together, you build stronger bonds and learn to work as a team.
At Behavioral Health Associates of Broward, we teach everyone involved in the marriage or relationship how to set healthy boundaries and hold each other accountable. If there is a conflict present in your marriage and/or family, seeking the help of a trusted professional is the first step to resolution. Taking ownership of your role in a conflict is essential for you to understand how your behavior impacts those around you.

Our trained and licensed counselors help family units communicate in an open and positive way to identify the root of the conflict. They will work with your family to find the therapeutic solutions for regaining trust and happiness that work for you. We focus on your end goal and helping you reach it.

Even if separation or divorce is imminent, we can assist you in developing healthy coping strategies that move you forward. Call now to get the help you need in Broward County to mend your relationship so can function as a whole once again.

Marriage and Family Counseling Broward County

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