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Anger Management Therapy

We can’t control how life treats us, but we can do our best to control how we respond to situations life presents us. Anger is one of the basic human emotions that is experienced by everyone. The American Psychological Association describes anger as an emotion characterized by antagonism toward someone or something you feel has deliberately done you wrong. It is a typical response to frustrating or threatening experiences or it can arise from sadness, loneliness, or fear.

When we become angry, our heart rate, arterial tension, and testosterone production increase. Cortisol (the stress hormone) levels decrease, and the left hemisphere of your brain is more stimulated. Humans and most animals express anger by making loud noises, staring, or adopting postures intended to warn perceived aggressors. Anger can be triggered when you believe you have been hurt, mistreated, or face an obstacle that keeps you from achieving a goal. It can become destructive to your quality of life and lead to severe problems at work and in personal relationships.

Expressing anger is learned from an early age, by modeling behavior we see around us. It is an integral part of our self-preservation and self-defense instincts, so it is essential to learn how to express anger appropriately. Learning healthy and socially respectful ways to express angry feelings can help to control your anger so that it won’t affect such things as your relationships, employability, and health.

What is Anger Management?

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is a process which involves helping people identify stressors. By learning to identify stressors that usually lead to anger, you can learn how to handle triggers in a positive and rational way. Such anger management techniques and therapy can also help reduce the emotional and physical arousal which causes your anger and help learn how to stay calm when situations like these present themselves.

Many different events can make someone angry. There are internal events which could be perceived failures, injustices, or frustrations. And there are external events, such as loss of property or privileges, teasing, or humiliation.

Managing your anger doesn’t involve learning to hold in anger or avoiding it altogether. Instead, there are helpful techniques counseling and therapy that can teach you ways to cope with it by achieving constructive responses gathered by becoming aware of what triggers anger and learning how to map out the best way to control it.

Benefits of Stress Management

Managing your anger will improve the way you manage your feelings and can help to:

  • Communicate your needs: Learning how to recognize and talk about your feelings will help deter frustrations rather than holding it in.
  • Maintain your health: Stress of ongoing feelings of angriness can cause health problems, such as difficulty sleeping, digestive issues, and heart problems.
  • Prevent psychological and social problems linked to anger: Mental illness, such as depression, can arise as well as socioeconomic issues such as work problems, finances, etc.
  • Use your frustration to get things done: Utilizing your frustration and anger as motivators to work harder and take positive action.
  • Avoid addictive escapes: Use anger management techniques to keep your cool and maintain control, without adding additional problems to your life, such as drugs and/or alcohol.

Signs You May Need Anger Management

  • When you regularly feel the need to hold in your anger
  • Persistent negative thinking and focusing on negative experiences
  • Frequent arguments with others that can escalate
  • Physical violence with close family or friends
  • Threats of violence against people or property
  • Out of control behavior
Immediate Techniques for Managing Anger

Immediate Techniques for Managing Anger

Although anger management can take time to master or develop as a habit, there are immediate techniques to try. Casually doing these techniques without meaning or determination will unlikely have lasting effects, so we recommend being committed to using these techniques regularly to increase its positive effects.

  • Breathing and muscle relaxation: Deliberately slowing your breathing and/or relaxing your tense muscles can help you to maintain control.
  • Create distractions: Distraction techniques, such as taking a relaxing shower/bath, writing, or dancing to energetic music are a few ways to distance yourselves from the situation.
  • Exercise: Taking a brisk walk or taking up martial arts could be useful outlets for your anger.
  • Mindfulness meditation: This type of meditation can help shift the mind away from the anger, particularly after consistent practice.

Therapy and Counseling for Anger

Through the counseling services offered at Behavioral Associates of Broward, we provide individual, group, and couples/family therapy. Anger management is one of our specialties – by providing high-quality, confidential counseling, we can help you manage your anger and develop techniques to maintain control of situations that cause you to react negatively or violently angry.

The goal of anger management therapy/program is to teach people how to examine their triggers, shift problematic patterns of thinking, and ultimately develop healthy ways for people to express anger and frustration. Some techniques used in anger management therapy include:

  • Impulse control
  • Self-awareness
  • Meditation
  • Frustration management (sometimes by writing in an anger diary)
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation strategies

Therapy may be in an individual or group setting. There are also support groups, workshops, and seminars available for all sorts of needs. At-home assignments and exercises are included in most anger management classes because it strengthens what you have learned in therapy.

At the Behavioral Health Associates of Broward, we provide confidential counseling services to individuals. Anger management is one of our specialties, and we can help you recognize and control your anger to respond in more healthier ways.

Your well-being matters to us. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for more information about how our caring, experienced counseling professionals can guide you through the anger management process. We’re ready to help.

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